Beat Therapy presents: Loop Sessions Brisbane

In the tradition of the Loop Sessions movement sweeping across the northern hemisphere, Loop Sessions Brisbane is purposed towards connecting local music producers and fostering a sense of community around music production with a very specific brief.

The Brisbane Loop Sessions will bring a select group of local producers together for an afternoon to:

  • Set up their (portable) production gear, and then…
  • Sample from 1 piece of vinyl chosen by the organisers
    [within 5 minutes]
  • Produce a track using the sampled material as a primary element
    [~3 hours]
  • Showcase their track [~2 minutes]

The third session in Brisbane is [to be announced] To register your interest, please

apply here⏪.

Space is limited, as are participant numbers, so please apply now if you’d like to participate. Otherwise, swing by and check it out anyway. =)
The last session was great fun – take a look.

You’re welcome to create music in ANY genre (or none), and even if you’ve never sampled from vinyl before- if you have some production chops you’ll be fine! =)

Please apply above if you’d like to participate. Invite others to come and listen from around 6pm… (we’ll be all done by 7pm)

Loop Sessions Brisbane is proudly an equal opportunity, let’s-all-be-decent-human-beings, don’t-be-a-jerk event. 💙👍