Just last week escapeVektor chapter 1 launched on Wiiware, and the reviews are starting to surface. And boy are they positive so far! I’ll look back at this page when I hit my next “despairing frustrated artist” phase to give my ego a bit of a boost… =)

Philip J Reed says at

“The music is, without qualification, some of the best on WiiWare period. escapeVektor: Chapter 1 easily joins the ranks of World of Goo and the BIT.TRIP series in this regard; the gripping, evolving tunes keep you engaged and focussed, and they’ll call out to you long after you turn off the game for the night.”


Lucas M Thomas at says:

“It’s the soundtrack that really grabs you at first, as the chiptune beats fuelling the audio side of the equation immediately mesmerize your mind – fans of the Bit.Trip series would be wise to take notice right away.”


Evan Campbell at says:

“…the musical soundtrack mixes well with the game and puts players into a great rhythm. The audio gets your head bobbing from the title screen and doesn’t let up. Each new level provides a new aural treat. There’s no doubt the game’s sounds elevate the overall experience.”


Bruce Thomson of Nnooo in Thomas Whitehead’s article at says:

“We think Andrew has made an amazing soundtrack for escapeVektor. Many people who have previewed the game have commented on how cool the music is, even Nintendo themselves! We’ll be bringing out an escapeVektor album as soon as possible after release of Chapter 1.”