Procedural music demo with FMOD

In some of my more enthusiastic Youtube videos, you might have noticed that I’m quite fond of non-linear music and sound.

Creating aural experiences that respond to user input, change over time, or incorporate elements of unpredictability is very different to traditional composition and audio production. Using FMOD, from Melbourne based Firelight Technologies, it is possible to engineer all kinds of ambitious sonic behaviour and implement these with relatively simple code.

For this demo, I’ve had to limit my ambition somewhat to work within the constraints of current web browser technology; you may notice the occasional glitch in audio playback if you leave this window while the music is still playing, for example.

With a more purpose-built framework, such as a videogame or stand-alone program, it’s possible to add significantly more complex audio behaviours without skipping a beat.

Please press the button below to enjoy some infinite ambience.

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