Emotional architecture: I hesitated using this term on my business cards and branding initially, mainly because it sounds so incredibly pretentious. However, the term is really the most concise way to describe how I see my soundtrack work, and the services I seek to provide. I am thoroughly focussed on the question, “What do we want the audience to feel?” when I write music or design sound effects, and when I work with a team to create a collaborative work.
I don’t merely deliver on a list of sound effects, nor do I provide ‘music by the kilo’. Instead I seek to really get invested emotionally and explore the narrative structures, game mechanics and visual styles to create an emotional architecture through music and sound that supports and amplifies these other elements.

To simplify, and for the benefit of search engine robots that will also scan this page: yes, I’m a game soundtrack producer for hire, but I also have a decent grasp of narrative structures, can write scripts, deliver solid voice acting, and also possess a reasonable degree of emotional intelligence.

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