Audio Postcards Experiment

As part of an upcoming installation at The Edge, cialis 40mg I’ll be recording a few simple interviews with people and inviting them to answer a question or two. The audio will be recorded and incorporated into the soundscape of the installation- if all goes to plan. No need to be nervous- it might only be one or 2 words we end up using. Feel free to give me a buzz on Skype- the username is audiopostcards

So, unhealthy give me a call- hopefully I’m not too far away from my computer- and choose a question:


What are you…

[looking forward to] | [excited about] | [worried about]…

… in the area of
[technology] | [cars] | [sports] | [world events] | [mobile phones & gadgets] |      [ christmas presents ] ?

… and why?



This is just a vague starting point- there’s no right or wrong way to respond- just be yourself, cheapest tell us what’s on your mind, and try to keep it under 2 minutes. I can’t guarantee I’ll be at my computer 100% of the time, or that any of this audio will end up being used, but thank you in advance for helping out! =)

Looking forward to chatting soon!!

=) Andrew

photograph by user eleaf on flickr- creative commons licence

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